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About this Site

This site explores the connection between Father Baraga's records and the Ojibwe records.  It is intended to be able to offer the reader a full grasp of not only Father Baraga's ministry but also the context of his missions and the histories of the Ojibwe who he primarily worked with throughout his missionary experience.  

The Histories


The Histories section is a story based section of the site.  It is a narrative of each of the aspects of Father Baraga's missionary work and his connection to each of these things.  It shows the context of Father Baraga's missionary work amongst the Ojibwe.


The Story of Father Baraga is an overview of his work during his time with the Ojibwe Natives

This is Father Baraga's connection to the Catholic Faith prior to starting work with the Ojibwe populations

These are the treaties that were being put into effect at the time that Father Baraga worked with the Ojibwe

The Fur Trade explores the changes and transitions that were happening in the fur trade which influenced the Ojibwe

This page talks about the Ojibwe culture and what Father Baraga experienced while living with them.

The Ojibwe Language describes the Native Ojibwe tongue and what it sounded like.



The resources section is a list view of the resources that were used to create this site.  This section also allows the reader to gain a quick overview of elements that are useful.

Plan Your Pilgrimage allows you to be able to explore locations around Lake Superior that are directly connected with Father Baraga and the Ojibwe.

Katolik Anamie-Misinaigan.jpg

The Jesuit timeline shows what was happening with the Algonquin (Ojibwe) nation at the time of the Jesuits arrival from Quebec to Lake Superior.

Father Baraga's timeline shows what was happening with the Ojibwe during Father Baraga's time with them.  

These are the books that were written and published by Father Baraga throughout his life.

These are the references that were used to create this site.

This is the list of references that can be found at Notre Dame which include letters written to and from Father Baraga.

This is the list of the people who worked around Lake Superior who Father Baraga had contact with.

These are the historical maps which show the changes and evolutions that happened with the Ojibwe over time.



The Sainthood section explores Father Baraga's path to Sainthood.  Sainthood is an extremely important part of the Catholic Faith.  A person takes on a Saints name when they are confirmed into the Faith.  The path to Sainthood is complex so the author broke down each element of the path to Sainthood so that it could easily be understood.  

My beliefs on why Father Baraga should be considered a Saint.

This shows the overview of what is takes to become a Saint in the Catholic Church.

This shows where Father Baraga is at on his path to Sainthood.

Pope Francis
Pilgrimage of Pennance.jpg


This section explores what the Catholic Church is doing to help with Truth & Reconciliation and Truth & Healing.  Truth & Healing is part of Canada's attempt to right the wrongs that happened in regards to the boarding schools.  Truth & Reconciliation is the start of the United States attempt to do the same thing.  This section then follows the Catholic Church's and Pope Francis attempts to help Truth & Reconciliation and Truth & Healing to go forward.  

The Doctrine of Discovery is a part of what the indigenous cultures wanted to have overturned in the church when Pope Francis spoke.

The Pilgrimage that Pope Francis went on in Canada for the Native cultures to apologize for what happened in the boarding schools.

The Pope's message at the Vatican to the Native's present about his desire for reconciliation.

A synopsis of the Truth & Healing Initiative in the United States.

The Jesuits visit Red Cloud Indian School which is a front-runner in helping the Truth & Healing Initiative.

Public Relations


This section explores all the elements that are publicly shared outside of the website itself.  

 A List of Press Releases about Father Baraga

The Newsletters published by

Articles written about Father Baraga's 150th Anniversary

About this Site
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Information about this site and it's contents.

A brief history about the Author

The story that made this site a reality.  It's the story of the miracles that allowed the author to give voice to the native histories and Father Baraga's history alike. 

The purpose and mission of the site

If you want to follow the Site to see it's latest updates.  

This is a list of current projects that have been worked 

A Special Thanks goes to those who have helped this work along the way.

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