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Father Baraga's Path to Sainthood

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The Venerable Bishop Baraga

Missionary to the Ojibwe Natives around Lake Superior

June 29, 1797 - January 19, 1868

  • Ordained as Priest: September 21, 1823

  • Priest of the Diocese of Ljubjana, Slovenia: 1823-1830

  • Arrived in the United States: December 31, 1830

  • Priest of the Diocese of Cincinnati: 1830-1853

  • Consecrated as Bishop: November 1, 1853

  • Vicar Apostolic of Upper Michigan: 1853-1857

  • Appointed as Bishop to Sault Ste. Marie: January 9, 1857

  • Appointed as Bishop Marquette: October 23, 1865

  • Death: January 19, 1868

Bishop Baraga's Steps to Sainthood

One can visit and pray with the Venerable Bishop Baraga by visiting his tomb in St. Peter's Cathedral in Marquette, MI.

  • January 19: Father Baraga passes from the world.  Many, and from various faiths, at the time of his passing knew that a Saint passed from their midst.  

  • Father Baraga's path to Sainthood took its preliminary steps starting in 1929 when the All Slovenian Catholic Congress at the Monastery of Slovenian Franciscan Father in Lemont, Illinois decided to promote the canonization of Bishop Frederic Baraga.  

  • Joseph Gregorich begins locating, microfilming, translating, cataloging of historical documentation of Bishop Baraga's life/activities and personal correspondence from 1831 - 1967.  Documents were obtained from 5 countries and were translated from 3 languages.  This process took the next 40 years.  

  • Founding of the Bishop Baraga Association to promote the cause for the beautification and canonization of Father Baraga.

  • Crowd gathers in Eagle Harbor, MI to celebrate and commemorate Father Baraga.  This was the 150th anniversary of his birth on June 29, 1797.  

  • June: Bishop Thomas Noa establishes a Diocesan Historical Commission to collect the documents concerning the life, ministry and writings of Bishop Baraga.

  • Joseph Gregorich completes the work of compiling documentation on the life and labor of Bishop Baraga.

  • The Ordinary Process of the diocesan phase is conducted in the Diocese of Marquette under the direction of Bishop Charles Salatka, and the acts are transmitted to the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints.  

  • November: At the U.S. Bishops meeting, under the presidency of Cardinal John Krol, 194 bishops present sign a petition to Pope Paul VI, asking that the cause for the beautification and canonization of Bishop Baraga, apostle to the Indians in the upper Great Lakes region and first Bishop of Marquette, be expedited.

  • October: The Congregation for Causes of Saints validates the diocesan process.

  • The Positio on the life, the reputation for sanctity and the virtues of Bishop Baraga is completed and accepted by the Congregation for the causes of Saints.

  • December: The Positio receives the overwhelming approval of the historical consultors to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints

  • July: A diocesan process to investigate an alleged miracle through the intercession of Bishop Baraga is concluded with a positive judgement, and the acts of the process are transmitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saint

  • February: The Congregation for the Causes of saints decrees that the acts and process of the diocesan investigation into the alleged miracle attributed to the Bishop Baraga is valid.

  • March: The theological consultors to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints give their unanimous vote in favor of the heroic virtue of Bishop Baraga, noting especially his missionary zeal, and recommend his cause proceed to beautification.

  • May 10: Father Baraga is declared "Venerable".  The Holy Father authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate the official decree recognizing the heroic virtue of Bishop Frederic Baraga, first Bishop of Marquette.  

  • Construction begins on the new Baraga Chapel built as an addition to the St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette.

  • The moral remain of Venerable Bishop Baraga are transferred from the St. Peter Cathedral crypt to the sarcophagus in the new Baraga Chapel.

  • October 18: Most Rev. John F. Doerfler, Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette, MI blesses the new Baraga Chapel located at St. Peter Cathedral.

  • An inquiry into a new case of a potentially unexplainable cure is opened by the postulator

  • Father Baraga's 150th Anniversary of his passing is honored

The information above was obtained from the Bishop Baraga Association with notable events being added

Video on where Father Baraga is on the journey stated from Len at the Bishop Baraga Association. 

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