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The Mission of

To Educate about the Histories


To be able to share of the changes and transformations that Father Baraga helped to initiate during the 1800's  and during the time of greatest transformation for the Ojibwe Natives.  

To Help with Truth & Healing


Having heard stories myself of what has transpired during the time of the boarding schools and knowing the difference of what Catholicism stood for prior to these histories, it is my greatest desire to be able to help with the Truth & Healing initiative that continues to be brought forward and to teach of the difference between these histories.  

To Support Pope Francis 


Along these same lines it is my greatest desire to support Pope Francis and his work towards reconciliation.  The very first steps have been taken and there is a long road ahead to continuing these reconciliations but it is fully recognized that it is not only needed but it is also the Christian and Catholic thing to do.  I also choose to support all of those whom Pope Francis has inspired to continue this work.  

To Inspire Care and Concern for the Native Populations


It is my desire to be able to inspire care and concern for the Native Populations.  If anything has the ability to be learned from Father Baraga, it is that he wasn't there to just teach the Native populations about Christianity, he was also there to be Christian to the Native populations.  In a world where they were ostracized, misunderstood, judged and persecuted by almost everyone, Father Baraga was there to listen, understand and advocate for them.  When divisions were being sowed, Father Baraga sought to create greater care and concern.  When most people would turn there back on the Natives, Father Baraga walked hundreds of miles for their care and welfare.  That same level of care should inspire us all.  

To Promote Seeing the Native Culture in a Positive Light


Given that I have worked with the Native people as Father Baraga did, my heart is also with the Native people.  I wish to be able to bring forward the positive histories in regards to the native cultures so that others can see a part of the work that I have seen in working with the Ojibwe and Dakota people and in learning of their culture, their way of prayer, their way of honoring the earth, etc.  It is my prayer that I can bring forward their histories so that others understand their world from their perspective so that greater tolerance and understanding can happen.  

To Promote Father Baraga's Path to Sainthood


Given Father Baraga's legacy, it is important for others to understand that I fully and unequivocally stand behind Father Baraga becoming a Saint.  He is beyond deserving of this.  I pray that the Vatican is able to see what is needed to have him become a Saint and that these steps are able to be brought forward so that his legacy can become known.  

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