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Shepherd of the Wilderness
By: Bernard J Lambert

Language: English

Year Published: 1967

Publisher: Franciscan Herald Press

Catholic Friendly

Ojibwe Friendly

Shepherd of the Wilderness is jam packed with information about the mission of Father Baraga and the reading is fun and entertaining.  He offers up Father Baraga's life, miracles, challenges and journey in this world from the time of his birth to the time of his departure.  The ending is captivating in all ways as you see how this man who lived in the woods with the Ojibwe ended up being a hero in the European world.  It's a phenomenal and fascinating read.  

The only challenge that I had with this reading is the traditional way in which Indian life is painted.  It offered some moments where truth was revealed, but for the most part it offered the same biases as what has been known in the past.  If one can bypass these moments if they are of Ojibwe background, then one can learn a great deal about this fascinating missionary who worked tirelessly for their care.  


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