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Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin Historical Society
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816 State Street, Madison, WI 53706, USA
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The Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison is the location that carries the 1844 Native pipe that was passed on from Chief Buffalo (who Baraga worked with) to Governor Doty. Chief Buffalo's son was ultimately the one who presented it to Governor Doty.
This pipe plays significant importance during this timeframe. Father Baraga worked on Madeline Island with Chief Buffalo from 1835 to 1843 when he moved to L'Anse, MI. This pipe was made in the year of 1844. It is important to note that Father Baraga's 'move' may have been permanent in the way of moving items to this location but he still continued to play a pivotal role among the Ojibwe and Ottawa throughout the Lake Superior and Michigan regions. Even after his move it is noted that he still spent the winters on Madeline Island and stayed in L'Anse during the summer time.

This is important for one reason. This pipe was passed to Governor Doty only two years after the 1842 treaty was enacted among the Ojibwe. This treaty did not cede the land to the Europeans but rather granted the ability for Europeans to be able to take out copper from Copper Harbor. Not long after this treaty was enacted were the Ojibwe then threatened with removal from the region and were told would have to move to the Minnesota territories. This pipe was passed around this timeframe to the Governor of the Wisconsin territory, Governor Doty. This has me question what the intention was behind passing this incredible pipe which took hours of labor to construct.

Please visit the Wisconsin Historical Society for more information regarding this timeframe and to take a look at this pipe which plays an important part in our histories.

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