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Bishop Baraga Association Bulletins

Bishop Baraga Bulletins

Bishop Baraga Writings

Bishop Baraga Bulletin: Baraga Artifacts Located
Article: In Regards to Bishop Baraga
Volume: Volume 75, Number 1, Spring of 2023
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Description: This article tells of how it may have felt for the Ojibwe to have first heard their language as they pronounced through the letters that Father Baraga had written out for them.  A bridge between the English language they were learning, a connection to their native language, and the ability to learn of their own connection to Christianity that Father Baraga had brought to them.   


Baragiana Collection: The Works of Bishop Baraga, 1991, Charles A. Ceglar, Pg 43-46

Life and Labors of Bishop Baraga, 2017, Fr. Chrysostom Verwyst, OFM, Pg 79, 107

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Bishop Baraga Bulletin: Baraga Days 2022
Article: Lives Touched by Baraga
Volume: Volume 74, Number 3, Fall of 2022
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Description: This introductory article shares of my own personal connection with Father Baraga and how his impact on my personal life began.  I speak of how his example is needed during our time and how his history of how he worked with the Indigenous Populations has importance.  I speak about needing to step again in his footsteps so that the Indigenous Populations have the ability to be helped.  This article also came out on the 225th year anniversary of his birth on June 29th, 1797.  

References: None.  It was a personal history.  

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