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The Story of Father Baraga's journey with the Ojibwe Natives

Father Baraga.jpg
Nosse (Father) Baraga
Father Baraga was a Catholic Missionary who lived and worked with the Ojibwe Natives from 1831 to 1868 in the regions of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.  He became Bishop in the year of 1863.  He was known for his zeal and compassion for the Ojibwe during a time when they were being pressured for removal, when the fur traders were working against them and when settlers were pressing in on their regions.  

Father Baraga left a legacy of care and concern for all to follow.  Confirming over 1,000 persons into the Catholic Faith he became known as the snowshoe priest due to his ability to travel hundreds of miles by snowshoe to be there for another when they were in need.  Learn more about this incredible missionary below and the Ojibwe Natives whom he served.  
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Father Baraga's Cross Rainbow.jpg
Plan Your Pilgrimage

The picture shows a rainbow behind Father Baraga's Cross located in Schroeder, MN which signifies hope for the future.  This picture was taken by the author.

Father Baraga had missions around almost the entirety of Lake Superior.  Plan Your Pilgrimage allows you to not only see locations where one can find Father Baraga's missions but also shrines, historical markers, museums and other landmarks where one can travel to learn more about Father Baraga as well as the Ojibwe who he worked with.

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Jesuit Map of Lake Superior.jpg
The Jesuit Timeline

The picture shown here is a copy of the map drawn by Jesuit Father Claude Dablon in the year 1670.  This historical photo can be found on the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

The Jesuit Timeline how the Jesuit Society met with the Ojibwe prior to Father Baraga's arrival in the United States in 1830.  The Jesuits partially paved the way for Father Baraga's success and trust with the Ojibwe.  The Jesuits worked with the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) nation from Lake Superior all the way to the gulf of St. Lawrence on the eastern side of the United States.  Learn more about the histories of the Jesuits and the OJibwe by clicking on the link below.

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Works of Father Baraga.jpg
Books Written by Father Baraga

This picture is from the authors personal collection of Father Baraga's books

This popular page shows a list of Father Baraga's books that he wrote with the help of the Ojibwe.  In addition to creating the number of missions that he created, Father Baraga wrote an extensive amount of books in addition to the largest Ojibwe dictionary ever written.  Click on the link below to see these books, be taken to their original place where they were published and to learn about the books themselves.  

Research Guru
Notre Dame.jpg
The University of Notre Dame

This picture is of Notre Dame where many of Father Baraga's records are held.

This page is not for the faint of heart.  This is a list obtained from the Notre Dame Archive which lists letters written to and from Father Baraga.  If you are interested in obtaining any of these, an email can be written to the University of Notre Dame (email address is listed on this page) to find out what was happening with Father Baraga during this his time in the United States.  Please click on the link below to learn more.

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John Jacob Astor.jpg
The People of Lake Superior

This picture is John Jacob Astor was painted by John Wesley.

This page is a list of well-known people that were present around the time of Baraga's work with the Ojibwe.  As an example John Jacob Astor was the first multi-millionaire in the United States.  He was the president of the American Fur Company which exploited many of the Native people.  Father Baraga noted many times how the corrupt organization created unnecessary challenge for the Native people to which he was opposed.  Learn about others who worked in the region by clicking on the link below.

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Photo of Pipe Bag at Father Baraga's Cross_edited_edited.jpg
About the Author

This picture is the Author at Father Baraga's Cross in the year 2022, two years after her initial visit.

Many may wonder why I do this work.  What is my motivation?  Many are surprised when they find out I was not raised Catholic and I am not Native.  They wonder what reason would there be for me to create an entire website about a Catholic Priest named Father Baraga and his connection to the Ojibwe Natives?  Learn about how much this work means to me and my reasons for pursuing it.  You'll be surprised when you find out the incredible miracles behind this journey.  

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