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Press Releases

The Duluth News Tribune
May 20, 2023
Northlandia News Article.jpg

Jay Gabler, from the Duluth News Tribune, created an article, podcast and video about Father Baraga's Cross, Father Baraga's Path to Sainthood and an amazing article about Father Baraga himself.  I went up to Father Baraga's Cross in April in order for him to be able to learn more about the cross itself and Father Baraga's perilous journey across Lake Superior.  Jay then followed up with Curtis Chambers, from the Bishop Baraga Association and who is Ojibwe, in order to learn more about Father Baraga's impact on the Ojibwe. 

Lake Superior Magazine
July 30, 2018
Lake Superior Magazine Article.jpg

Lesley DuTemple, from the Lake Superior Magazine, created an article on Father Baraga that shares about his journey across Lake Superior from Madeline Island to what is known as Father Baraga's Cross in Schroeder, Minnesota.  She also shares about Father Baraga's life, how he ended up at Madeline Island, and his help spared them from the 1830 Indian Removal Act.  She talks about his path to Sainthood and what is needed for him to be declared a Saint.  Len, from the Bishop Baraga Association, talks about Father Baraga's popularity around Lake Superior.  She also shares about the different locations that can be visited that are connected with Father Baraga.

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