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May 2023


In this newsletter one can see the Press Release for Father Baraga's Path to Sainthood and Father Baraga's Cross.  Jay put together a podcast, video AND an article all for these reasons.  I also introduced the YouTube Videos that I am going to be making telling about Father Baraga's Histories and it's connection with the Ojibwe histories.  There is a new book out as well for Children that speaks of Father Baraga's work with the Native population.  There was also a new BBA Bulletin that was published with an article that I wrote.  Two new events are available including Baraga Days and the St. Kateri Conference.  And new pages have been completed including info about the Doctrine of Discovery and Father Baraga's Path to Sainthood

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December 2022


This letter shares about the Pipestone Cross.  Originally I had the cross available for purchase.  Ultimately the cross has a great deal of meaning due to it's connection to the Native population.  The desired purpose is for the greater care and concern of the Native Populations.  I also have an article in here about the Jesuit visit to Red Cloud Indian School.  Another BBA Bulletin was also published and the Dakota 38+2 ride was happening at reconciliation park in Mankato.  A new page was added which shares about the mission of the website.  

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